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At Home Co.,Ltd. Personal Information Protection Policy

Since its founding, the At Home Co.,Ltd. (hereafter, “This Company”) has held “harmony,” “science,” and “ethics” to be the three key pillars of its management philosophy, and has always developed and provided systems and services which are ahead of the curve.
Regarding the real estate information media and real estate business solutions etc. operated and provided by This Company, it recognizes that the personal information received from staff and all those connected with real estate, etc. is extremely valuable, and that its rigorous protection and appropriate handling is the most important task in business management.
Therefore, the policy regarding personal information protection is determined as follows, and This Company will work to implement it thoroughly

1. Obtaining, using, and providing personal information

When obtaining personal information, This Company shall make its purpose of use clear, obtain it in a method which is lawful and fair, and not use it for other than the set purposes of use (unauthorized purposes of use) Moreover, This Company shall take necessary measures to avoid unauthorized purposes of use.
The purposes of use set by This Company are as listed in the Appendix “Handling of Personal Information.”
Except where permitted by laws and ordinances, personal information held by This Company shall not be disclosed to a third party without consent from the person(s) who provided the information.
This Company shall formulate in-house provisions regarding the handling of personal information, and as well as making all executives and staff aware of them, shall conduct business in accordance with them

2. Compliance with Laws and Ordinances etc.

This Company shall comply with laws and ordinances relating to the handling of personal information, guidelines set forth by the national government, and other conventions.

3. Safe Management of Personal Information

To ensure the accuracy and safety of personal information, This Company shall take safety measures to protect personal information, and work to prevent leakage of, loss of, and damage to personal information. Furthermore, safety measures shall be reviewed regularly, and any inadequacies corrected.
When entrusting the handling of personal information, entrustment partners meeting sufficient standards of personal information protection shall be selected, and as well as concluding entrustment contracts regarding the protection of personal information, thorough management and supervision of the entrustment partners shall be conducted.

4. Complaints and Questions regarding the Handling of Personal Information

In the event of complaints and questions regarding the handling of personal information, please refer them to the following point of contact.

Point of Contact
At Home Customer Center Personal Information Protection Desk (customer@athome.jp)

5. Continuous Improvement to Personal Information Protection Management System

To protect and appropriately handle personal information, This Company shall establish, implement, maintain, and continuously improve the “Personal Information Protection Management System.” *
If there are significant changes to This Company’s Personal Information Protection Policy, notification will be listed on This Company’s website top page

*“Personal Information Protection Management System
This refers to the set of arrangements forming initiatives regarding personal information protection, including formulating policy, establishing staff structures, planning, implementing, checking, and reviewing.z

End of Document

Enacted: April 1, 2005
Revised: October 1, 2011

At Home Co.,Ltd.
Representative Director Bunei Matsumura

Handling of Personal Information by At Home Co.,Ltd.

At Home Co.,Ltd., which has been entrusted by the International Student Study Kyoto Network with the operation, management, and response to inquiries etc. of this website and the use and management of the personal information obtained through this service, will strictly store and manage personal information provided to it in accordance with the ”Personal Information Protection Policy.

  • Name of business: At Home Co.,Ltd.
  • Personal Information Protection Manager: General Affairs Department Manager, Director, At Home Co.,Ltd.
  • Purposes of use of personal information:
    1. Forward the contents of the inquiries to the provider of the property information
    2. Provision of service and its operation and management
    3. Appropriate response to and confirming the identity of persons making inquiries and questions etc.
    4. Conduct surveys aimed at service improvement and their collation and processing
    5. Provision to the entrustor International Student Study Kyoto Network as statistical information based on the analysis results of the service improvement situation etc. in a form in which individuals cannot be identified
  • Items of personal information received: Name, email address, telephone number, current residence, name of school enrolled at, contents of inquiry
  • Obtaining personal information in a form which is difficult to distinguish the person concerned: Cookies are used in this form for session management.
  • Provision of personal information: Excluding where the person concerned has consented, or where based on laws and ordinances, no provision to a third party shall be made.
  • Entrustment of personal information: When entrusting to an external party the handling of supplied personal information, companies meeting This Company’s management provisions shall be selected, and managed and supervised so that the personal information is handled appropriately.
  • Discretion of provision of personal information: Customers provide personal information at their own discretion. However, please note that this service may not be available if required items are not entered.
  • Point of contact for disclosure etc. of personal information subject to disclosure, and inquiries:
    At Home Customer Center, Personal Information Protection Desk(customer@athome.jp)